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Single Touch Payroll - A step by step guide to help you prepare your MYOB software for STP

It's time to prepare your MYOB software for Single Touch Payroll.

The first thing an employer needs to do is to conduct a head count of the staff on 1st April including your casual, part-time and full time staff.  You can exclude casual workers who didn't work during the month of March 2018.  Also, exclude directors and contractors.

If you have more than 20 staff you are already using Single Touch Payroll and reporting from 1st July 2018.  If you have under 20 staff you can either relax for a few months or start reporting now, be organised ahead of the rest.

Make sure you are using the most upgraded version of your software.

Ensure you have access to the ATO Access Manager.

Apply for Online BAS Lodgement Services via you're ATO Access Manager using your AUSKEY.

MYOB has released their STP version of AccountRight and this will be updated further as legislative changes occur.  If you do not have a current MYOB subscription please contact us to arrange this on your behalf.

Once you have upgraded MYOB to the most current version you will see a new icon in your payroll command centre called Payroll Reporting.

Follow These Two Steps:

Step 1:  this is simple if you are already using MYOB Pay Superannuation as most of the employee details will already be compliant.

Step 2:  if you need help feel free to contust us with setting up STP payroll categories - engage our services.