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Currently the world is going crazy with changes and you know the government is trying to revamp the economy.  Due to this, more measures have been put in place and tax compliance is right up there.  This is making businesses owners look for smarter ways to clean up their books and find a great bookkeeper that can do what they need.  Most tradespeople, even though they try to keep up with their bookwork, they find it cheaper to to do it themselves than to hire a professional.

So, now with the world being in the electronic quick lane, tradies are madly looking for qualified bookkeepers.  This means that you, the tradie, can focus on growing your business.  But how do you find the right bookkeeper to hire for your work.  Have a look around, there are a lot of companies that advertise bookkeeping services.

Before you hire your bookkeeper you need to make sure they are an expert.  Here are a few questions that you can ask the candidate before giving them a contract.

How Will I Save Time?

You can enjoy some time saving by having the bookkeeper balance those all important books.  Ask them how they will help you with this as this is a question of efficiency.  Also, how do they carry out their tasks.  As a tradie you may be using paper to tally up your accounts.  A pro bookkeeper will inform you of your best option in accounting software.  The bookkeeper should clearly show how much time you will save using accounting software and a professional.

What About Payments - How Do You Charge?

Most tradies prefer to know what they are going to pay each month to their bookkeeper, after all it makes things much easier to budget for if you know the cost.  A yearly cost is daunting and can be offputting.  Ask the value you will be getting for your money.

I Want To Be Fully Compliant - Can You Do This?

When it comes to compliance it really matters.  Most tradies operate mainly on a cash basis.  Ask the bookkeeper how they can assist you to make your business fully compliant.

What About Questions - Can I Discuss With You Anytime On The Phone?

Tradespeople usually don't have time for email correspondence, they rather call and sort it out then and there.  So when you decide to hire a bookkeeper, try to find one that can take calls any time.

Show Me The Money?

You may ask yourself, where is my money going?  Most tradespeople make good money daily but they just don't understand how to track where their cash is flowing to and from.  Get a bookkeeper who will set this up for you and improve that cash flow visibility.

Now you have a few guidelines, you should find the right bookkeeper for your business.  Bookkeepers Bunbury is always ready to take up the job and answer all the questions you have and more.  We are here to help you tradies with your books and accounts so ask for more information - give us a call.