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My Accountant Is Ripping Me Off

A new client recently said this about his Accountant: 

I can’t call him, I have to organise meetings to talk about any accounting issues.

He has no idea about technology, and he charges time out for new staff to learn Xero while lodging my Business Activity Statement.

He gives me no indication of charges accrued and then he sends me a bill for everything at the end of the year – a lump sum.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, you are not alone.  This behaviour is simply not on.  Someone who will answer simple questions without a meeting shouldn’t be too hard to find!  The staff of the accountant should know how to use the appropriate software MYOB or Xero!  Lump sum yearly bills are a no-no!

We are professional bookkeepers, we know the importance of open communication and fixed fees when lodging your Business Activity Statement and we use MYOB and Xero all day, every day.  Australian bookkeepers, the same as your accountant, have the same training in tax compliancy to lodge your Business Activity Statement in the software of your choice as per Standards: 

If you are “preparing” the BAS and your accountant is just typing it into a portal while giving you the impression that there is a special skill required to do so, you need to get a bit savvy.  I know what all the accountants are charging in Bunbury so I can let you know if you give me a call.  If your accountant is doing the data entry and lodging the BAS then this is going to be more costly and I can tell you what all the accountants in Bunbury are charging for this.  

Let me know if you are feeling ripped off by your accountant – I can tell you what to do.

-  Paula

Bookkeepers Bunbury