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Find Out If Your Books Are In Order Before Filing Taxes

If you're a small business owner, chances are you care most about the following three details when it comes to bookkeeping, accounting and filing taxes:

  1. Accurate records
  2. Timely (no extensions, no penalties)
  3. Pay as little in taxes as legally possible

But it turns out you should really only be worrying about one of these items:  accurate records.  That's because items two and three should be a natural byproduct of making sure your records are accurate.

How do you assure accurate financial records?

We're not going to say it's easy, but it's definitely possible.  If you'll allow my rant for just one moment, I'll go so far as to say accurate records are paramount, especially when the ATO audits you!

Over the past ten years, we've helped many small business owners identify and fix bookkeeping and accounting errors.  In fact, we've identified 25 areas where mistakes are most commonly found.  Wondering what those areas are?  You're not alone!  We've found that many business owners are curious about common bookkeeping and accounting errors.

That's why we're excited to announce that we now offer this as a standalone service!

This 25-point audit service may be a good fit if:

  • You're an Australian small business owner
  • You use MYOB or Xero online
  • You want (or need!) peace of mind that bookkeeping records are accurate
  • You want to identify potential tax saving opportunities
  • You want to make sure you have the right person doing the bookkeeping and accounting
The final quarter of the year is the best time to do this audit.  It gives you and your bookkeeper an opportunity to fix problems.  The next best time of year is before taxes are filed, but that's also the busiest time of the year for bookkeepers, accountants and tax preparers.  So don't wait!  Get it done now!

Best of all...knowing the difference between a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss isn't even mandatory, so don't worry.  We won't judge you!