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Bayswater Xero Bookkeeper, Perth, WA

Reliable, efficient and backed by training as set down by the Tax Practitioners Board  Just what you need in a Xero bookkeeper to startup your Xero data file for your new Bayswater business, right? 

We give our all to be the best:

  • reliable
  • accurate
  • timely
  • flexible
  • value for money

When you put training and skill together you get the best Xero setup for your Bayswater business, so there is no headache for you about getting your Xero system up to speed.  Then you can start billing your customers straight away.  Invoices out, money in - right?

Our speciality is to get your new business up and running on Xero in no time at all.  After we do this, all tax compliant, then we can discuss what other things you may or may not need, add-on, etc.

Give us a call - we are here waiting to assist you.

Set rate applies for a Xero setup for your Bayswater business.  So, if you would like Xero setup, 30 free trial, organisation setup, financial setup, the cost is $55.00 and it takes us minutes so you can start billing your new customers.

NOTE:  If you are in Australia and you have been watching Xero youtube tutorials, PLEASE be aware that in Australia, Australian Law applies.  So, it does not necessarily mean that the setup you are watching on youtube is correct - get in touch.  You can see by the general tutorial attached that this would not apply to you for example if you are registered for GST.