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3 Easy Ways To Make Bookkeeping Faster

Starting a small business means wearing a lot of hats - one of those is bookkeeper.  That's less time spent doing what you love.  I can tell you that having a fast bookkeeper that is as fast as Usain Bolt (OK, maybe not that fast but I love the guy), will give you a way to stay on top of the latest numbers.

Tip#1 Start by using bookkeeping software that connects to your bank account.  This means instead of waiting for your bank statement by snail mail (post), you can press a button and import bank transactions into your software and allocate it.  Fast and easy.

Tip#2 For quicker, easier payments use online invoicing.  This means you can be on the go, out in the field running around, email a bill to a customer which will have a PAY NOW button on it.  Customers really go for this and stats show they like to pay straight away.  So, get paid really fast and on the spot.

Tip#3 Reconcile often to see your real-time cash flow.  You need to do bank reconciliations properly.  Email me what software you are using and I will send you a FREE sheet on exactly how to do this that is step-by-step.

There you go, 3 easy and fast tips.  Order now it's FREE.