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FREE:  Cash Flow Forecasting Template


A cash flow forecast is the most important business tool for every business.  The forecast will tell you if your business will have enough cash to run the business or pay to expand it.  It will also show you when more cash is going out of the business than in. 

This cash flow forecasting template is an Excel spreadsheet that you can use to forecast and record cash flow.  The worksheet will update your figures as you type.

The template has 4 tabs: 

  • example cash flow worksheet 
  • details estimated cash flow 
  • summary estimate cash flow 
  • estimated versus actual results 

Xero Accounting software - DIY - or have your local Xero expert bookkeeper get your file ready for you.

Let's check out Xero accounting software together.


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If you are thinking of starting a small business it can feel a bit unnerving if you have never done it before.   Rest assured, plenty of others before you have gone through the same thing, but you have an advantage and that is you can now learn from their successes and mistakes. 

These 7 foolproof steps on how to start a business – whether it is your first or fifth – will help you with everything from how to substantiate your new business idea to how work out your shipping game plan and then how to set it in motion. 


Starting A Small Business – Should I Hire An Accountant or a Bookkeeper?

Most new business owners feel that taxes are “evil” and the government reporting is just so lengthy that it is easier to give up before starting up their business because it just isn’t worth their time. 

It is really easy to think this way about the necessary record keeping or accounting.Instead, think of it like this, beside being a requirement under the law, bookkeeping or accounting systems are made for you so you can make decisions about customers, marketing, pricing and vendors. 


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Where To Find A Bookkeeper

A brilliant bookkeeper is central to the success of any business, so it just must be said, finding the right bookkeeper is essential for the development of your business. 

There are many things to think about when you are seeking out a new bookkeeper and there is no secret formula for how to choose a bookkeeper.  Having said that, checking for a few fundamental qualities that every bookkeeper should have will make them a great asset to your company. 

When you start a new business, you have to deal with numbers.  Even if your business is small or large, you must keep a record of its every transaction.  Expenses, sales, wages – all money movements into and out of your business. 

You can do the bookkeeping yourself, outsource the bookkeeping, or have a professional bookkeeper create a bookkeeping file for you in Xero or MYOB for example and you can follow on with the work yourself. 

I hope this guide will explain why hiring a bookkeeper is a great idea and essential in doing business.  Also, a few things to keep in mind so you can hire the right bookkeeper. 

If you are just starting your business or you are micro-tuning your financial strategies, a professional bookkeeper can be an enormous help when it comes to balancing expenses daily, managing your invoices, etc.  By handing these jobs over to a specialist, you can lower your risk of error and instead use those extra hours for other activities.  I can hear you ask: but where do you find a bookkeeper, what do I need to know to choose one.  Keep reading to discover how to locate the best bookkeeping services. 

Give Thought To

Confidence & Security 

Your bookkeeper will have access to vital private and personal company information. Bookkeepers keep up to date all financial records of a company such as invoicing, payroll and taxes. 

You must be able to trust your bookkeeper.  So before you hire a bookkeeper ask as many questions as you can about how that person safeguards your financial information by using tried and true methods and processes.  If you have any little doubt about the reliance of the individual, you need to find a different bookkeeper.  100% reliance is what you should aim for. 


You should always hire a fully registered bookkeeper.  If you think you will save money by hiring unlicensed individuals to maintain your books, this can be a mistake as unregistered bookkeepers are more likely to make errors and cost you money in the long-run. 

Exceptional Communicator 

You will rely on your bookkeeper to keep on top of all those numbers; therefore, you are going to be communicating regularly. S ome individuals may be good at numbers but are no good at communicating which can be a detriment to your company.  Your bookkeeper should be an amazing listener, attentive and interested during discussions regarding your company.  You and your bookkeeper should have a relationship that allows for a flow of information between the two of you. 

Record Keeping 

When you are seeking a new bookkeeper, ensure you select an individual that has a clear system for keeping track of paperwork.  The paperwork of today may still be needed in 7 or more years from now. 

Hire a CPA 

If you hire a CPA to do a bookkeeper’s work, this is usually a serious waste of resources.  I do not know one accountant the enjoys bookkeeping.  CPA’s are best to advise you on financial matters requiring more expertise, such as managing investment funds or filing taxes.  CPA’s regularly work with bookkeeping services and may be able to recommend professionals who can fill a daily accounting role for your business at a much lower price. 

Hiring Professional Bookkeeping Services 

Some bookkeeping service companies manage daily accounts for multiple businesses.  They often employ CPA’s for management roles to provide adequate oversight and counsel for a bookkeeper who runs into a problem.  Bookkeepers that have a variety of client often have access to a wider range of tools and have a better chance of having the experience needed by your business. 

Hire a bookkeeper who has confidence 

If you are seeking a bookkeeper, you will want someone who is confident. A good communicator is critical for a job like this.  With Bookkeepers Bunbury, you will get more than a bookkeeper, you will gain a valuable asset to your organisation who makes a real contribution. 

Hire a bookkeeper that understands 

The bookkeeper you hire should gain quickly a firm understanding of your business, it financial situation, you short and long term goals.   If you find a bookkeeper who shows little understanding and lack of commitment – do not hire them. 

Hire a bookkeeper for their skills 

If you are a business owner you probably don’t have the time or skills to manage the bookkeeping role anymore.   Maybe when you were just starting your business you made time for bookkeeping but now your business is too big and you don’t have the time any more.   Currently you squeeze the bookkeeping in when you can which is creating errors, inaccuracy and omissions.   It is time to engage a professional bookkeeper. 

Why You Need A Bookkeeper 

Time Saver – processing receipts, expenses and payments is only a tiny part of the bookkeeping work.  Bookkeepers know how to assign expenses, they will know how to enter them into your accounting software and make sense of them which in turn provides useful report to you the business owner.  Bookkeeping is a skilled job and your bookkeeper will do it more efficiently than you can. 

Cash Flow – accountants provide advice, annual returns, tax information but they do not see your accounts every day.  Your bookkeeper will keep an eye on everything and keep your cash flow under control.   

If you understand your business requirements then you will be able to hire the perfect bookkeeper for your business.  Some questions to think about are: 

- what type of business are you in, 

- how many transactions do you make daily, weekly, monthly, (affects time), 

- which accounting software are you using, online, data sharing, 

- what about credit control, payroll services, 

- what are the key dates for your business, ie payroll days. 

Hiring a bookkeeping service to manage your accounting needs can help you to identify potential risks and opportunities.  Your bookkeeper will be with you every single step of the way as your business grows. 


Currently the world is going crazy with changes and you know the government is trying to revamp the economy.  Due to this, more measures have been put in place and tax compliance is right up there.  This is making businesses owners look for smarter ways to clean up their books and find a great bookkeeper that can do what they need.  Most tradespeople, even though they try to keep up with their bookwork, they find it cheaper to to do it themselves than to hire a professional.

So, now with the world being in the electronic quick lane, tradies are madly looking for qualified bookkeepers.  This means that you, the tradie, can focus on growing your business.  But how do you find the right bookkeeper to hire for your work.  Have a look around, there are a lot of companies that advertise bookkeeping services.

Before you hire your bookkeeper you need to make sure they are an expert.  Here are a few questions that you can ask the candidate before giving them a contract.

How Will I Save Time?

You can enjoy some time saving by having the bookkeeper balance those all important books.  Ask them how they will help you with this as this is a question of efficiency.  Also, how do they carry out their tasks.  As a tradie you may be using paper to tally up your accounts.  A pro bookkeeper will inform you of your best option in accounting software.  The bookkeeper should clearly show how much time you will save using accounting software and a professional.

What About Payments - How Do You Charge?

Most tradies prefer to know what they are going to pay each month to their bookkeeper, after all it makes things much easier to budget for if you know the cost.  A yearly cost is daunting and can be offputting.  Ask the value you will be getting for your money.

I Want To Be Fully Compliant - Can You Do This?

When it comes to compliance it really matters.  Most tradies operate mainly on a cash basis.  Ask the bookkeeper how they can assist you to make your business fully compliant.

What About Questions - Can I Discuss With You Anytime On The Phone?

Tradespeople usually don't have time for email correspondence, they rather call and sort it out then and there.  So when you decide to hire a bookkeeper, try to find one that can take calls any time.

Show Me The Money?

You may ask yourself, where is my money going?  Most tradespeople make good money daily but they just don't understand how to track where their cash is flowing to and from.  Get a bookkeeper who will set this up for you and improve that cash flow visibility.

Now you have a few guidelines, you should find the right bookkeeper for your business.  Bookkeepers Bunbury is always ready to take up the job and answer all the questions you have and more.  We are here to help you tradies with your books and accounts so ask for more information - give us a call.

Call The Expert Bookkeeper

Expert Bookkeeping Services in Bunbury, Western Australia 

Number crunching and finance management usually get put under the same job category as bookkeeping or accounting by most people.  This is not the case and it is a mistake to categorise accountants, bookkeepers, BAS agents and tax agents all under the same banner. 

Each one has a different job function, different qualifications and some of them are governed by legislation in Australia.


It is quite possible that you have used a bookkeeper for your business needs already.   If you have put someone in charge of your accounting, you have a bookkeeper as an employee.   Your everyday bookkeeper you put financial trust in because they make sure your books are balanced during each quarter and also at year-end.  They will process, carry out reconciliations and report transactions.   Mostly, they will use accounting software such as XERO or MYOB to make things simpler for their day to day accounting activities.  Your bookkeeper will quickly become very proficient using the software of your choice which is great when year-end comes around because your numbers need to be right on target so your accountant has less work to do.

BAS Agents

Registered BAS Agents are able to handle all bookkeeping responsibilities just as your bookkeeper does but they must be correctly schooled and qualified to use the BAS Agent title.   The guidelines and rules of a Registered BAS Agent are very strict.

BAS Agents prepare and lodge the Business Activity Statement and will provide recommendations on BAS and payroll obligations including the liabilities and entitlements.

They supervise, design, check and advise on your compliance system around GST, indirect taxes on the BAS and payroll systems.

Your BAS Agent will take care of everything that needs to be presented to the ATO regarding BAS provisions and payroll matters such as single touch payroll, tax file number, reporting of superannuation, Australia Business Number application submission in Australia, etc.


So, you may ask, what is the difference.   Both bookkeepers and BAS Agents typically handle the same kinds of activities.  Your books are balanced by both, both can prepare financial statements, prepare internal reports, accumulate financial information for businesses and they can assist you, the owner, make business decisions.

Similarly, bookkeepers and BAS Agents, to be a great accountant for a business requires schooling, either a bachelors degree in accounting or they may be working toward CA or CPA qualifications.


Anyone can call themselves a bookkeeper or an accountant, even you, not everyone can call themselves a registered BAS Agent.   Your bookkeeper will handle a few tasks while BAS Agents can carry a heavier load.  BAS Agents have seriously more clout when dealing with the Australian Taxation Office than a bookkeeper does including assisting business with certain matters that bookkeepers are not allowed to do including GST, wine taxes, fuel taxes, luxury care taxes, FBT payments, all aspects of payroll relating to withholding tax amounts and reporting those amounts to the Australian Tax Office, any other PAYG withholding amounts, and all aspects of income tax payments via PAYG instalments.   If your business requires representation to the Australian Tax Office on these matters, a BAS Agents is required.  Bookkeepers simply will not do.

Not all bookkeepers need to become a BAS Agent.  However, if you are a business in Australia and you need BAS services and you are hiring a third party for it, then you must ensure that they are registered BAS Agents to comply with the code.  A registered BAS Agent must have the required qualifications and experience as stated in the Tax Agent Services Regulations 2009 (TASR).

A bookkeeper can elect to become a BAS Agent but he/she will need to registere with the Tax Practitioners Board.  A BAS Agent is qualified and can provide many services which are beyond the capacity of a bookkeeper.  A bookkeeper can complete the data entry of transactions which involve GST and payroll, if they are supervised by a BAS Agent.

Supervision is compulsory and the Tax Practitioners Board is very particular about checking the controls exerted on the tasks being performed by a bookkeeping company in Australia.

Many bookkeepers don’t have all the licences and insurances that you need to ensure that you are getting the BEST service possible.  All of our bookkeepers at Bookkeepers Bunbury are licenced by the Tax Practitioners Board and have full professional indemnity insurance.  At Bookkeepers Bunbury we are qualified experts, with up to the minute training in XERO and MYOB, just as you would expect an expert to be.   We also use other mainstream accounting software packages, but mainly the request is for XERO and MYOB – there is also reasons for this so please contact us and ask on 0427 66 99 69.

Some Of The Risks Of Using An Unregistered Bookkeeper

Why take unnecessary risks if you don’t have to in business.  However, not realising, you may be taking a risk if you choose to use an unregistered bookkeeper, so let us have a quick look at some of the risks.

Privacy – your confidential information may be misused by an unregistered bookkeeper for their own personal gain.   If they share this personal information, your business and your personal affair may run the risk of identity theft, etc.

No insurance – if you choose not to use a registered bookkeeper then it is extremely likely that this person will not have Professional Indemnity Insurance.  So, if they cause your business any loss or they cause errors as a result of their service to you then there will not be any compensation available to you.

Unethical conduct – this means they do not abide by any ethical or professional standards or hold a registration with the Tax Practitioners Board and they do not belong to a professional bookkeeping body.

If your bookkeeper is unregistered, you and your business are at serious risk and could suffer financial loss.  A registered BAS Agent should, have a minimum qualification as a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping, or Diploma of Accounting.  You can always check their certification at www.tpb.gov.au 

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